Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Democrat or Republican

I am told that the clinical definition of insanity is the tendency to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. - Stephen F. Lynch

I like to start with a quote, it makes it seem as if I know something. I have just started "State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III" - by Bob Woodward. While it is disturbing, so far, it is not surprising. I think it was a mild profile of the Administration. I always pictured Rumsfeld as a full-blown paranoiac, trying to save the world from the godless liberals and communists. I always figured Rove plays just like the creepy SS Man in Indiana Jones, they look alike. Also, I always thought that the Saudi Royal Family flat-out purchased the Presidency, so they could get rid of Saddam, and give the militants something to shoot at beside the Saudi Royal Family. They can afford it.

We can't. We have lost the Country, Our America, Everyone's America; to the lunatic fringe of religion, prejudice and the very worst parts of Capitalism. In a large part I blame the Media. Morrow and Cronkite and Rudd, fought for nothing. The great and unbiased media news doesn't exist anymore. They are running special interest promotional spots as real news. the news is not, it's a long commercial. It's a dirty joke.

You and I did it. Through action, or the lack of it, we allowed this Administration to screw up America, maybe beyond redemption. By accepting, we allowed the TV news to degenerate into the biased, glitzy beast it has become. The rest of the World has backed away from us. Just as you would back away from the playground bully when he gets that look in his eye, and you know someone is gonna wind up upside-down on the monkey bars.

But all this is nothing new, the news during the Thirties and Forties was filled with exaggerations, staged stories and pure bullshit. Some of most revered politicians have been crooked bastards - some of whom were out of touch with reality. Ideally, anyone who would want to run for office, should be forbidden from doing so; which leaves a whole different set of issues. So what can we, you and I, do about this mess?

Vote, for one thing. Read the paper, it may be little more than fish wrap, but at least it's not TV. Go to a city council meeting, see what you think of the folks you are going to vote for. Join the ACLU, Young Republicans, Greenpeace, Pro-life group or a Pro-choice group. Join the YMCA - Join something, learn something, sign something or SAY something. Watch PBS, instead of the Glitz Channels. Go the the Library, Watch the History Channel. Watch the History Channel and then go to the Library and look it up.

Don't take any one's word for it; use the Internet, the Library, Your children and find out more. Don't take any of that for granted, either. Do your own thinking, make your own decisions. Better yet, stop everything and play with your children. Then get up off your intellectual ass and do something to make yourself feel better about America, Our America. There must be a way for us "Po' Folk" to get it back.

It is unfortunate that we only have two choices; Democrat or Republican. (Please leave the Independents out, this time. All those loose cannons helped the Republicans, in the last election.) I see the Democrats as the lesser of two vile, disgusting, crooked, perverted evils.
Such is American Politics.
If you are as disgusted as I am, register to vote in the 2008 elections. I would consider this unpleasant experience with the Saudi Presidency a victory for America, if 60 percent of the citizens turned out to vote. I wouldn't even care if they voted for another Republican.


Next Time: What I Believe And Why I Don't Give A Damn What You Think.
- Dick Cheney's imaginary diary

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