Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Your Choice In The Age Of Covid

Did you realize that we were such social creatures? Is it clearer now?
We see the healthcare workers sacrificing their lives in service of us; You and me. They are not being forced to do it, Our country is not that far down the road to Fascism, yet.
Can we do less than these brave folks? We are not being asked to go as far, we are only being asked to wear a mask and stay home unless you HAVE to go out.
We get off pretty easy in all this, and it's far from over.
So we can choose to support each other, as many of us do. Wear a mask, limit contacts, wash your hands. While doing these simple things we are learning new things;

Many employers will be encouraging work from home (telecommuting). Imagine how much energy and gasoline could be saved. Imagine how much less stressful you day will be without traffic jams and lousy lunches.

Instead of dragging the family out for dinner, have dinner brought to your family. BTW, home cooking still tastes the best.

Give up slogging around the grocery store (Walmart, Walgreens etc)? order online and pick it up.

How simple and refreshing washing your hands can be?

So we can choose to support each other, as many of us do; or we can choose to use assault weapons to threaten our government workers because some rich folks spent a bundle to encourage you to further THEIR ends; and yes, some folks are that easily led. In all honesty, you are taking up arms against your fellow citizens. That makes you the bad guys.
What's your choice? Let's be blunt; will you choose selfishness and and stupidity, in the guise of protecting "your rights"? Your rights end when it infringes on another citizen's rights; period. This is basic to civilized societies around the world and throughout history.
Tell me then, what are the other rights in the Bill Of Rights? (HINT: there are 10 of them) You likely only know the 2nd amendment because some Nazi or the NRA (Seems redundant) mentioned it while convincing you to take up arms against your fellow citizens. What's the 7th amendment? ( Right of trial by jury in civil cases.) BTW I knew that without looking it up. What does the 2nd amendment say (Hint: it does not say the right to bear arms.)
Make your choice, but in these days of media, you WILL be remembered.