Monday, October 14, 2019

Because a mis-informed Christian chose to argue with me about the Bible.

 I am an Agnostic. That means I don't deny the existence of a higher power (God, if you wish), but I don't support it either. I see no evidence and no reason to suspect there is a Higher Power. However, I see no reason to deny it's existence either.

 Let me take that a step further; I see nothing in the Universe (which includes You and I and the little barking puppy down the street) that can only be explained by the existence of this Higher Power. Life is inevitable; place the proper chemicals together and apply heat and life occurs. No divine intervention is required. That does not mean there wasn't any, just that it is not needed.

 It behooves me to let You believe whatever you wish, without calling you names or saying you're a fool for believing it. I hold others to that same standard. But, I will call out logical fallacies when they are used as proof in any circumstance, including religious proselytizing (oh, look it up). 

I do not ask that you believe as I do, I only ask that you do not shove your religion down my throat. That includes telling me to have a "blessed day". I don't wish to have a day like that, it is not in my belief system. However, I appreciate that you feel that I deserve to have one, based on your beliefs; Thank You.

What I truly resent is folks who insist that this is a "Christian" country and then cheer the caging of children, deny the FACT of climate change and support the lies and outright evil coming from some of our leaders. Folks who claim to be Christian and then cheat on their spouse. Christians who misquote the Bible (that really pisses me off).
I hold all religious people to this same standard; do not misquote the Bible, the Quran or the Torah. Do not twists the meanings of these sacred texts to suit your twisted ideas.

Things Christians should know about the Bible (but probably don't):

The Bible was written in Aramaic and Hebrew, not English. It was translated into Greek and then Latin sometime later. The current English version is based on the King James version (early 1600s) which expunged many references that King James and his Bishops didn't like; notably many about women.

The Roman Emperor Constantine convened The Council of Nicaea (AD 325) and decided what books would be henceforth included in the Bible. It was at this council that Christ was declared to be divine. Before that he was a Human.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Why It Matters

Why It Matters

 Around The World

Around the World people are fighting for freedom; I don't mean soldiers. Often, the soldiers in countries are fighting against freedom for the Dictators who have taken over the countries.
In Hong Kong, in the countries overtaken by ISIS, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and many others. It is happening here, in the US, now.

It has long been the vision of the sub-human dictators and corrupt rulers to exert complete power over their subjects, so they can have and do whatever they want.

Decade after decade we, the people have defeated them. WW1 and WW2 and wars and movements long before them. It has always been that the regular people, those to whom the World actually belongs, have defeated the maniacs; the Putins, Hitlers and Erdogans.

It's Still Easy

We have less chance now; partially because of technology. It is much easier now to find out who the protestors are (see China), easier to bring down hellfire and destruction on the world from afar (see Syria and so many others). The shear volume of propaganda and just plain bullshit being posted is staggering. The ability of social media users to re-post the lies (which they often don't even understand) is equally staggering.

What Can I Do?

We Americans have a chance now, to stop this; at least to help. We must do everything we can to stop the Dictators and their puppets (see Johnson, Trump etc.) from destroying the freedoms in Our World.

It is Our World, our countries; it does NOT belong to the Trumps, Putins, Erdogans and MBSs, whatever they believe.
If it takes marching in the streets we must do so, but it is far easier for the people of the US. Just vote.
There are far more freedom loving, human admiring people in our country then there are Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, et al. There are more folks who weren't fooled by the lies and the BS that continues today. (see the Senate Report).

We in the US, have a totally non-violent, risk-free way to take Our Country back; Just Vote.