Friday, May 22, 2009

Enough Is Enough

Because of the parking situation where I live, I have found it easier to park in the back of the place. It is only accessible from the dirt alley, which is strewn with broken glass, dogshit, and trash blowing along the ground. The good part of this is that I can see my car out the window over the top of my main computer screens.

Lately, I've found my car covered in crap, which seemed like it dropped in from the sky. I had no proof but, it seemed the upstairs neighbor's kids, were throwing things out the window on my car. I stoically washed the junk off and headed for work, but I was pretty sure I would catch them in the act someday.

For a little background...When I sold my last house, all I wanted was some place temporary where I didn't have to worry about roofs and leaks, etc. I was sort of burned out on the home repair scene. However, I am renting this place from the worst management company imaginable. If anything ever does get done it is done wrong the first 3 times, and generally I have had to do the repairs myself. I have been told I am not allowed to do those repairs, or turn on the cooler, flush the water heater, etc. I usually don't call in maintenance requests, because it's faster, easier and less expensive to fix it myself, then repair it after one of their idiot contractors screws it up more.

When I first moved in I was surrounded by old couples and hippie types, and we frequently hung out in my back yard. We played music, burned stuff on the grill and generally had a good time. When I did the first cleanup on my toxic backyard (it was unbelievably bad), many of my neighbors came by to help and one brought a gallon of homemade lemonade.

They slowly moved away and I am now surrounded by junkies, hookers, and illegal immigrants. the neighborhood is going to hell.

Last evening, while fiddling at my main computer I saw the contents of a potted plant drop out of the sky, and land atop my car. I might have actually said "Aha!" but I'm not sure. I hustled around the back, and there were the 3 upstairs delinquents hurrying back into their apartment, ducking out of site. I hollered up at the open window, "Did you think that was funny?" and some other less savory things which I will leave out of this missive.

The 13 yr old teenage girl told me she didn't want to hear my "fucking attitude" (I pity whoever is stupid enough to hook up with this one). I dialed 911. In my neighborhood, the response time is usually something over 90 minutes, unless you tell them you shot someone. Surprisingly, the cops showed up in under 10 minutes.

Three officers showed up. They knocked on my door by reaching around from their position, flattened against the outside wall. I actually didn't see them there at first. I led them through the place and showed them what had happened, explaining that I really didn't want to make trouble for little kids but enough is enough. They asked me if the hose was mine and could they use it, I replied in the affirmative.

The three cops came back with three kids and a Dad (? guardian, uncle, boyfriend?) and they proceeded to wash my car while I watched. I remained silently in the background, I offered no hints and refrained from telling them they missed a spot. When they were through the Dad and the 2 boys lined up and apologized, and I shook their hands in turn. The 13 year old bitch was not in evidence.

I must say it was immensely satisfying and it restored my faith in our police. The kids (except the little bitch) seemed genuinely contrite, and I spoke briefly with the "Dad" explaining that I wouldn't have called if they had not ignored my previous pleas to get the kids to act like humans. I did not phrase it that way, his English was worse than my Spanish but we made nice.

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