Friday, May 11, 2018

It Wasn't Good Enough.

Some of us thought it was settled. How could any reasonable, intelligent Person think otherwise? We settled it, didn't we? We started the downfall of the racists, sexists, warmongers, greedy corporate bastards; it's over, right?

I had my skull cracked open in Boston in the 70s, 60s(?) I got sent home by the niftiest preacher I ever met in the 60s, when they were approaching Selma. I can't, though I should remember his name; I will never forget his face, though. He had the coolest mustache I'd seen and skin like milk chocolate. A bunch of us got arrested in NYC. It was an adventure, a cause; it was immensely important. But it wasn't good enough.

We were so proud, because so much happened; but it wasn't good enough.

Now here we are. For folks with different skin, religion or gender it really hasn't changed much. I was stupid enough to believe We made a real difference. DOH!.

We did make a difference, though. Not enough difference, but a  difference. It was a start, things changed if even just a bit.

So maybe we started something, or continued it. There were the Suffragettes. Ludlow, Blair Mountain and others.

But it wasn't good enough.

So maybe the Parkland Kids, Me Too and others can keep it going. Someday the People will win over the Neo-Nazis, the Steve Bannon type low-life scumbags, Billionaire Robber Barons, Chicken Hawks like Bolton (How did that lowlife get another position? Is he connected to the Russians, too?).

Maybe We can do it? We The People can get Our Country back from the self-serving Lowlifes.

We just have to keep on trying until it is good enough.

It's Not A Reality Show.

There's more to it. I understand how angry folks are at the government. Things have been messed up, things don't always work right; often the agencies stand in the way of getting what we want. But it's not the fault of the agencies, as much as the fault of the elected officials; the party morons who get rich helping the rich and big corporations.

The Health care act is screwed up because the Elected officials who work for the HMOs screwed it up for their benefit. The VA is messed up because of the regulations and rules were paid for by billion dollar health care corporations. Our Country is no longer about the American People; it's about big corporations and billionaires and the campaign contributions.

Putin and Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu run the same type of country now. If you want to be rich and successful in business, you will funnel money their way; you will do as they wish. Putin and Netanyahu want to co-rule the middle east. They want all the oil, too. Oil still means money. Putin wants to control the oil and Netanyahu wants to control the middle east.
Now they have trump doing their bidding. Trump may be the dumbest person on the planet. He needs to know that the presidency is NOT a reality show, and it's not about ratings.

Now our Moron in chief has given the North Korean Hitler exactly what he wanted; recognition from the US. and what did we get in return?

Who ever thought that KKK Sessions would act heroically? I believe he did it to cover his own ass, but none the less.
Our President (did you ever think you would miss "Dubya"?) Has played into the hands of 2 of the worst leaders in the world; for good ratings.  He is stupidly dangerous, completely narcissistic.

He won the election with the help of Putin's FSB Oligarchs and is now doing as they wish. More than anything, years ago he expressed a drooling desire to be friends with Putin, and has pursued this end like a 16 year old seeking an autograph from a pop star.

Some of my Super - right leaning friends found out how much I love this country. They found how much I disagree with some of the things it has done; the Vietnam War, Iraq War, torture, Racist policies. The list goes on. Steve Bannon wanted to "burn it down" and Trump didn't care as long as he got good ratings.

Now the some of the Republicans are helping him get around the law; more than anything Our Country is based on the rule of law. It used to be. As I mentioned, it is now based on the new golden rule:"Whoever has the gold, makes the rules." If you have a few billion, you can change things, if not you're screwed.

But wait; the parkland kids are still a hope for those of us who love Our Country. There is still a chance to get it back. We are the ones who rule the country. Vote the Neo-Nazis, the racists, the golden rule bastards out. Start this November; get rid of the crooks.

After all, it's not a reality show, it's Our Country.