Wednesday, April 24, 2024

WoW Animated Potting Table

From Worlds of Wonder  

Our Animated Potting Table

Demonstrated by SweetieSnowpaws
(Sweetie NOT Included)
Second Life (better than Meta for 20 years )

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Toddle 3 - Cat's Paw

 Cat's Paw

Sometimes things are special, other times of course they're not. It's mostly deciding which is and which is not that makes the difference.

There is a tiny white paw, it reaches around the doorframe, and tickles the bottom of the door. This so delights our little man that he must giggle. There is so much delight in this little one's eyes, that it becomes a special event.

Who, in fact are these marvelous little furry people? How did they get here? Are they for Me? They're not quite as big as me, but at least there not so big as everyone else. Can I pick them up by their fuzzy bodies?

They smile and buzz and purr! Austin found time to lay his cheek on these new and wonderful critters, to make sure someone knew how special he thought they were and he rubbed them a little too hard but they didn't mind cause they rubbed him right back, as they had found a new and wonderful creature as well.