Wednesday, November 13, 2019

"Breaking News"

We live in a country where the president is fined $2 million for stealing money from charity and nobody cares.

Main Stream Media should have had Banner Headlines, TV should have had "Breaking News" Reports every 30 minutes. Average citizens should be out in the streets demanding his resignation.

However, like Trump University, the Trump Foundation, and even a recent eat-lunch-with-the-president contest in which winners donated but never got to eat lunch with the president; no one seems to notice. That's just the highlights, there are dozens of scams.

Our President is a crook, a shabby con man, a hater, racist and a moron. The Trumpsters eat it up (possibly they see him as a reflection of their own tastes) and average folks just post on Facebook and Twitter.

If you really care about our country, if you are not a racist, if you believe we should be progressing to a better world, instead of regressing into hate and racism then do something.

Call your congress people. Call your local news papers and stations. Write letters, send telegrams, take to the streets if you have to. Join Greta's protests, Boo Trump, donate to your favorite cause ($3.00 will do).

Most important VOTE. It is your duty as a citizen, it is your right as an American. It is what our veterans fought and even died for.

If you don't know who your Congress Persons are, you can find out (and shame on you). Here is an easy way to find out:

Vote local, too. That may be even more important. Your County Clerks Office web site has all the info, and an online registration page, too.

For My New Mexican Friends you can start here:

Vote or Shut up.