Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Child Of The Forest

Child Of The Forest

The light in the forest, was in her eyes
The bright filtered green of towering trees
as the sunlight drizzles through the leaves

she would sit quietly in the clearing in the sun
unlike any other child she was disarming
and without fear the creatures would come
knowing she would not harm them

Her laughter was the sound of angels when they play
when she'd pout her lower lip and say
"Daddy what are we gonna to today?"

She was the center that everything revolved around
You can hear the sorrow in the trees,
the emptiness in the ground
the creatures that she called to her
are nowhere to be found

The Child Of The Forest is gone, now
but her legacy remains
you can see her shadow in the trees
when it begins to rain
And I must move along, now
with only half-remembered laughter
to alleviate the pain