Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Truth About LSD

LSD. Lysergic acid diethylamide. LSD was first synthesized in 1938 by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland. The acronym LSD comes from the German "Lysergsaure-diethylamid". LSD is synthesized from lysergic acid derived from ergot, a grain fungus that typically grows on rye. In pure form it is colorless, odorless and mildly bitter. LSD is typically delivered orally, usually on absorbent blotter paper, a sugar cube, or gelatin. In its liquid form, it can be administered by intramuscular or intravenous injection, or even in the form of eye-drops.

I heard Clark Carr, Director of Narconon International, talking about LSD on the History Channel. Though I can't quote him directly, what he said was:

1. I took LSD and became a barefoot "Hippie" overnight.
2. LSD was causing the social upheaval in the 60's

HUH?? Is this George Orwell's Nightmare come true? Was this person around the US in the 60's? Did he do acid more than once?

Let us evaluate:

1. I took LSD and became a barefoot "Hippie" overnight.

If he became a "Hippie" after 1 LSD "trip" he had much bigger issues than drug use. I suspect he was one of those losers who hung around the edges of the movement, doing free drugs and trying to get laid. A dipshit is a dipshit - on or off LSD.

2. LSD caused the social upheaval in the 60's

If Clark didn't realize that LSD and it's kin were the symptoms, not the cause; then he missed the whole point. He spoke as if drugs were this new thing to the Human Race that these mis-guided Hippies found. I repeat: HUH???

I suspect (though I couldn't Google anything on it), that way more Valium and alcohol was consumed by average citizens, than Pot and LSD by Hippies. It was common practice to prescribe Valium to women who complained about their marriage. It was just as common to prescribe little pink pep pills (Benzedrine or "Bennies") to busy executives so they could work longer. 8 year olds were being given Morphine, for migraines. I know, as I was one of them.

Furthermore, Cocaine, and Marijuana were rampant in the 20's and 30's. Patent Medicine refer to medicines that had cocaine or marijuana as the main ingredient. Buddha ate lotus blossoms for goodness sake. People have been doing drugs since they could figure out how to do them. Birds and mammals eat fermented berries, it is rumored that elephants eat the fruit of the marula tree, as an intoxicant - though there is plenty of debate about that.

Clark went on to say that all drugs were poison, because if you take enough they will kill you. However, if you take enough of anything it will kill you - just Google Jennifer Strange.

Jennifer Strange, 28, took part in a contest called "Hold your Wee for a Wii." A medical examiner said the woman died of water intoxication. Water intoxication is a condition that causes the organs -- especially the brain -- to swell.

So then, is it this mis-informed social mis-fit to write the History of LSD? He must have an agenda of his own. Let's see, why would the director of Narconon dislike drugs? Maybe a better question is why is anyone listening to this half-witted propaganda?

The point is, we must draw a line in the sand, so to speak. This is fact, this is not. I'm tired of getting half-witted propaganda represented as the facts. I'm nauseous from all the spin, and I'd like to see an elected official - or anyone- present the unvarnished facts. I'm not interested in "Truth" anymore. Your truth is different than mine. Give me facts, without the adjectives. Always ask yourself, "What does this person have to gain by this interpretation of the facts?"

Does anyone think it's right, either ethically or morally, to re-write history to support your pet project?

Are you listening Dubya?