Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open Question: Kissable Faces

I'm seriously looking for input. Comments are welcome

Do you know anyone like that? Someone with a face you want to kiss?

Would you risk it, regardless of the consequences? (there would likely be consequences)

I'm talking about a strictly friendly action, a reaction to an adorable friend, who means a great deal to me.

I don't know.... hmmm, what have I got to lose? (possibly my gonads)

Do you think it would be mis-interpreted? We have established that my adorable friend is not attracted to me. That much has been settled. We do seem to be great friends, though (at least from my perspective).

It's too easy for that kind of thing to be mistaken for a come-on, don't you think? It wouldn't be a come on, but there is a bit of a history involving me and my big mouth (Over the years I have learned when to keep my mouth shut. This does not mean I WILL keep my mouth shut, but I always know when I SHOULD).

That face has been just asking for it; not my friend, herself, just her face. Sometimes, when she makes me smile, I want to lean over and kiss her cheek. Sometimes it happens when she smiles. Even if the gesture was interpreted correctly, it may not be welcome (and then there is that bit about the gonads to consider).

Three last points:

If it were a welcome expression of affection, it's not likely my adorable friend would let me know or hint at it in any way.

If it would screw up, what I think is a really great friendship, I'd just as soon skip it and never mention it to her. (although now that I think of it, she will probably read this - gulp!)

It might make her uncomfortable. Kissable face or not, I don't want to do that!

So come on guys and gals, give an old fellow a hand. Tell me what you think.

Should I or shouldn't I?

Oh yeah, and if you hear me talking in a high, squeaky voice, you'll know what happened.