Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Theodore Geisel

It rained all day long, all that gloomy long day
My mother said we couldn't go out and play
The rain dripped on windows, and covered the lawn
And we knew this day would be one big yawn

So we played in the basement and under the beds
But nothing interesting popped into our heads
The TV was boring and then we got fed
And while we were eating our mother said

Go up into my room and take a good look
If you look in the right place you'll find a book
Then sit on the couch like good children should
And we'll read it together and it will be good

We were so bored that we just didn't care
So we all ran together, ran up the stairs
And we poked and jiggled and took a good look
And that's when we found a great big red book

And we ran down to Mother, just imagine that
She gathered us up on the couch where we sat
And listened and giggled without even a spat
And that's when we learned about the Cat in the Hat

Still in these long years we remember that book
And I've read it so often you might say I'm hooked
So whenever I need to chase away the blues
I'll pick up a something by dear Dr Seuss