Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Brief History Of Civilization: Three Crazy Ideas

Many years ago civilization took a turn for the worst, about the time of the Romans. A few mutant crazy humans decided that some people were special, and others were not. Some people deserved all the wealth they could finagle from others, and screw everybody else. This modest sophistry, enabled the humans with that dysfunctional frame of mind, to become the wealthy leaders and make the rules. The sane humans, concerned with their children and care of the planet, missed most of this because it was irrational to believe that anyone would want to rule the world. These crazy people became the Roman Empire and spawned more crazy people, who believed just like them.

As far as I can tell, humans have always believed that killing someone was OK, if they didn't agree with you. Murder is the ultimate form of persuasion. This is especially true of religion, at least according to the old saw that goes something like, "...more people have died in the name of religion than any other.." I'm sure you've heard it. Apparently, it is true. Armed with this simple idea, the crazy Romans went forth and conquered the sane people. The insanity was transmitted to the conquered, usually by way of rape and slavery, which spawned still more crazy people, who believed just like them.

Now this is a strictly personal opinion, and I'm not sure how to phrase it without insulting someone. Therefore, I will try to be succinct: Anyone who believes in any religion is crazy.

For that matter, Anyone who believes in any religion is an idiot. I don 't believe I can put it any more plainly than that. The religion doesn't matter. It is the need and willingness to believe that identifies that most common Human neuroses. It only gets truly crazy, when you are willing to kill others who don't believe in your version of the Fairy Tale. So, with the righteous power of God (s) behind them, the various Crazy People (not just Romans any more) conquered the infidels. By virtue of torture, rape, murder and slavery, they spawned still more crazy people, who believed just like them. (As long as we're at it, most of the old Fairy Tales, are more reasonable explanations than Creation Theory. )

By stirring these three erroneous premises into the rise of civilization, things are much clearer. Here they are in summary:

  1. I'm special and you are not.

  2. It is OK to kill you if: you don't agree with me, or have something I want

  3. My religion is the only true faith (see 1 and 2)

The popularity of these three erroneous premises, have led us from the Roman Empire, to the fragmented Roman kingdoms. From there to the British Empire and eventually to the Bush Neocons. All of whom accepted the three crazy ideas as correct. Through each of these eras, and the many that I passed over, one thing has held true. Each new version of the craziness that sprung up, was a little better for the sane people. Generally it took a overload of oppression to start the sane people into action, but eventually it happens. Happy people never start a revolution.

To me it seems that the Bush Administration, Our first Saudi Presidency, has embraced these ideas as the basis for their foreign and domestic policies. Much as in the Corporate arena, where the 3 ideas have always been "Business as usual". Eventually, most governments have to respond to the sane people, they will only let so much slide.

So it is up to us sane people, I consider myself sane in that regard, to slow the crazies down. They can't really be stopped, no truly sane person would run for political office. But they can be slowed. We can support and vote for the least crazy of them and slow down the others, for a while.