Wednesday, August 09, 2023

It's Too Late

 It's Too Late 

(roll Carol King "It's too late".)

I've been on this planet of ours for 60 odd years. In my opinion it's too late. We've passed the tipping point and nothing we can do now will stop it. So, We'd better get used to the heat, storms and the death of a multitude of plants and animals on our planet. Even worse, as the permafrost and ice melts it will release previously sequestered carbon, viruses and bacterium that we haven't had to deal with for thousands of years. If you think Covid was bad wait until you catch the Jurassic flu.

It's Great Chain. 

The frogs die off and eventually the predators who feed on them die too. The bees die off and plants that they helped pollinate eventually die off, too. Plants like apples, corn, almonds, etc.

Habitat Destruction

We hack down trees which, for thousands of years have given us breath, held back the land from sliding and given shelter to species that are another part of that great chain.

It's too late, now. The best we can do is to slow it down and that, only if we slow or stop the carnage. If we do we won't stop it, we will just slow it down. It's too late to stop it.

We've already fished out the Herring, Tuna etc. Any suggestions on how to stop the factory ships from killing the Oceans? Even with good regulations, they'll find a way to get around it. More people makes a need for more food, 

Greed, it's all about greed and stupidity. If only we understood what's going on. If only we gave a damn when we do figure it out.


40 odd years ago I whined about the Great Lake frog population mutating from pollution. My family laughed at me. If I was 6 years old at the time they would have patted me on the head and said something reassuring. Remember the idiotic Senator with the snowball? Remember the Cigarette manufacturers?

We've always known what we needed to do, but the monied interests have always prioritized their bottom line over the survival of our planet. So have the officials we elect to get things done.

The Answer

There isn't one. Period. We had our moments and due to greed and stupidity (see above) we blew it. At least I'll be dead before the worst of the food riots start.