Tuesday, May 03, 2022

SCOTUS Leaked a draft decision; WTF?!

 The Leaked SCOTUS draft decision is more than an assault on our rights; abortion is not the only thing to go. 

This is the opening shot on the fascist takeover of the 2024 elections. 

They will start with the election fraud stories, which we all know are false. 

Then they will send it to the MAGA / Q-anon infiltrators who now control the elections in key flip over states. They will deny or de-certify the results which will send it to the Congress. 

Then the MAGAs in congress will wail and gnash their teeth about the fake fraud. 

If they have the seats they will change the electors which will send it to our freshly Trumped up SCOTUS.

We know what they will do from the decision leaked last night (PS you really have to read the decision and all the regs and rules on voting to get this,. I have done so.)

There is a massive fascist movement across the World, take your face out of your phone for a moment and search for "Fascist states" or "fascist countries". You may be shocked at the results.

SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States