Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's really very simple

  1. BP halts all operations in the US
  2. BP's drilling permits are all rescinded, all drilling ceases immediately
  3. BP goes into international receivership until the spill is cleaned up and all claims are paid
  4. BP is no longer in charge of the cleanup, BP employees are subject to arrest if found anywhere in the area, especially the lawyers
  5. Any claims that have been paid are voided and will not serve to exonerate BP
  6. BP is forbidden to sell or produce and distribute dividends or bonuses until the cleanup is over
  7. BP will no longer be allowed to operate in the US or its territories EVER
  8. CEO, and project manager for BP are arrested without bail until the courts clear this up
  9. ANYONE who utters the words "Drill Baby, Drill" will be arrested, shot, hung and then shot again to be sure