Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mrs Pindar

She "taught" Physical Science when I was in eighth grade. Mrs. Pindar had the ability to turn the most wickedly amazing science into a boring rote recital of the 20 year old information in the text she used. She was a mean-spirited burnout who should have retired, or been retired.

In one class I suggested that some of the dinosaur bones resembled birds and it seemed to me that they didn't go extinct but grew wings and flew away.

She told me I was an idiot, it was impossible, she growled. She further claimed that I was a vegetable so I asked her if I could be a carrot. It was likely not the best possible response but in those days I didn't know better.

BTW, those bones are now referred to as "Avian Dinosaurs" and are commonly accepted to be the forerunners of birds today.