Tuesday, December 17, 2019


IT folks live in a different kind of work world. Generally they know more than the people who pay them, and yet they often can't blatantly tell those folks what is really going on.

The war stories go on (I have a great one I'll save for later) everything from "My cup-holder doesn't work" (CD drawer broke) to smoke.exe (which may be apocryphal IDK)
In order to keep their jobs and still communicate effectively a few acronyms were created. The acronyms can be added to the report or "trouble ticket" and the IT folks will understand, and no one will get fired.

PEBCAK - Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

PICNIC - Problem in chair, not in computer.

ID-10-T error -  look at it again it will come to you :D

Networking - layer 8 issue - There are only 7 layers in a network. The 8th would be in the chair again.

1. Physical  (e.g. cable, RJ45)
2. Data Link  (e.g. MAC, switches)
3. Network  (e.g. IP, routers)
4. Transport  (e.g. TCP, UDP, port numbers)
5. Session  (e.g. Syn/Ack)
6. Presentation  (e.g. encryption, ASCII, PNG, MIDI)
7. Application  (e.g. SNMP, HTTP, FTP)

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