Friday, May 11, 2018

It Wasn't Good Enough.

Some of us thought it was settled. How could any reasonable, intelligent Person think otherwise? We settled it, didn't we? We started the downfall of the racists, sexists, warmongers, greedy corporate bastards; it's over, right?

I had my skull cracked open in Boston in the 70s, 60s(?) I got sent home by the niftiest preacher I ever met in the 60s, when they were approaching Selma. I can't, though I should remember his name; I will never forget his face, though. He had the coolest mustache I'd seen and skin like milk chocolate. A bunch of us got arrested in NYC. It was an adventure, a cause; it was immensely important. But it wasn't good enough.

We were so proud, because so much happened; but it wasn't good enough.

Now here we are. For folks with different skin, religion or gender it really hasn't changed much. I was stupid enough to believe We made a real difference. DOH!.

We did make a difference, though. Not enough difference, but a  difference. It was a start, things changed if even just a bit.

So maybe we started something, or continued it. There were the Suffragettes. Ludlow, Blair Mountain and others.

But it wasn't good enough.

So maybe the Parkland Kids, Me Too and others can keep it going. Someday the People will win over the Neo-Nazis, the Steve Bannon type low-life scumbags, Billionaire Robber Barons, Chicken Hawks like Bolton (How did that lowlife get another position? Is he connected to the Russians, too?).

Maybe We can do it? We The People can get Our Country back from the self-serving Lowlifes.

We just have to keep on trying until it is good enough.

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