Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aunt Edna part 1

Well Howdy,

Uncle Arthur is now singing in the church choir ever since Edna found him in the choir loft with the new soprano.

Milly and the seven kids moved to Heck Ramsey's trailer, across the park from the old one. As she put it, "they all look like him anyway." Her husband Bobby-Joe says that now the divorce is final he may have a chance to get in her jeans, as she left a couple of pair behind.

Cousin Jeb growed a foot, and Aunt Matilda says it's a pity it didn't grow where he lost the one in the sawmill accident.

Hal and the boys ran up to Sauder Crick a week Tuesday, and ain't been heard from since. Mrs. Adele says that he'll be back oncet he runs out of cash money and promptly sent him fifty dollars care of General Delivery up in Sauderville.

Cousin Bill done dropped out of school but Aunt Ethel says he's OK as he landed in the bushes and they broke his fall. Her husband Will, has taken to wearing girly underwear, since she found bra and panties in the glove box of his pickup.

Elias T. Pottrattle

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